Retreat To Tatopani

Finding Motivation

Sat May 05 2018

Lately, It’s been getting quite monotonous. Going to work and back with little time to spend on me has been a daily routine for quite a time now. Well, I also had to try out my s9 camera on some good landscapes. So I decided to leave for Pokhara. Since there was a holiday in buddhajayenti and I took a leave for the day after from office resulting in 4 days off from office including weekends. It would take a whole day to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu, I had already wasted my two days of my short vacation. I packed my Kindle with The Alchemist Paulo Coelho for a reread during my trip. I have been getting a recommendation of Norwegian Wood from a coworker, Maybe I will read that next time. Next day I meet up with old pal and decided to go to Tatopani resort near Pokhara. We set off around 5 pm and reached our destination at about 7 pm. The road was quite good but it was raining all the way.


Loved this view .Coke and old durbar never tested so much better.

The view made it worth the rainy trip.I recommend it to anyone who wants to get in touch with nature. Tatopani Resort

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Made a new friend 😍

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